Event Analysis

Joint Controllers
Bepro and Customer
a) Categories of personal data; b) Categories of data subjects; c) Duration of Processing; d) Location of Processing
a) Names, movements, plays and other activities during the match, statistics on the efficiency and/or playstyle of the players b) Players of Customer’s or Customer’s competitors’ teams c) During the analysis and afterwards until the end of the respective contract d) EU and South Korea; if applicable, country where Customer accesses the data or where match is being recorded
a) Point of Contact; b) Transparency Obligations; c) Data Subject Rights; d) Deletion Concept; e) Data Breach Notifications; f) DPIAs; g) Other Responsibilities
a) Bepro (DPO of Bepro Europe GmbH see PART 1) b) Bepro c) Bepro d) Bepro e) Bepro f) Bepro g) Bepro
a) Subject Matter; b) Means of Processing; c) Purposes
a) Analysis of video recordings of public soccer matches that Customer or competing teams engaged in, or of private trainings b) Analysis by proprietary software of Bepro, assisted by manual analysis by Bepro personnel where necessary c) Creation and preparation of detailed play analyses (e.g. on the number and success rate of passes between players) for use by Customer (to improve play) and for Bepro (for providing analyses for Customer, creating an archive and competitor analyses for competing teams)